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After many years of operation of our WooCommerce powered online store, there have emerged needs that require tailor made solutions and these have now become AWS Multi Functions.

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After many years of operation of our WooCommerce powered online store, there have emerged needs that require tailor made solutions and these have now become AWS Multi Functions. You can now customize your online store with these special customized features for WooCommerce.

You can see some of the features by visiting our demo product or our product archive pages and click here to check out our modal login popup feature, the only login popup that works with no problems on cached websites. Just make sure you’re not logged in.

We have also added a file named custom-functions.php this file you can copy to plugin root folder /wp-admin/plugins/ and use for your own custom functions. In this way, you will never need to be afraid of loosing your functions during any plugin or theme update.

The most requested feature is our option where to easily locate javascripts and to set these to load deferred. This option eliminates the render-blocking javascripts on your website wich again can improve load time.

Some of the features:

  • Fully translatable into any language.
  • Hide categories from category widget, menus, pages or all category terms.
  • Bulk edit WooCommerce availability notifications per product (requires plugin).
    – Easy to specify low stock, in stock, out of stock and backorder messages.
    – Easy to indicate when the product is in stock again.
    – Set to display the inventory messages in product archives and / or single products.
  • Add product specific messages to single product page.
    – Message below price, use dynamic tags to setup message based on free shipping etc.
    – Two more messages that use dynamic tags with coupon amount and number of items in stock.
    – The last two messages can be styled with borders, backgrounds, flashing text and more.
  • Add product specific subtitles to single products.
    – Enter any text that will appear just below the title in archives and / or single products.
  • Modal popup for registration, login and lost password (ajax, supports caching).
  • Dynamically display popular, related and recently viewed products (ajax, supports caching).
    – Dynamically display the most visited products in current category on top of product archives / category pages.
    – Dynamically display related products below products in product archives and single products.
    – Dynamically display recent viewed products at the bottom om product archives and single products.
    – Updated standard woocommerce recent viewed widget to use ajax which now dynamically loads products and supports caching.
  • Show statistics on the number of visits per product and the number of sales per product.
  • Add external links to your WooCommerce products.
  • Coupon URLs to apply WooCommerce coupons from any URLs.
  • Filter products by featured, stock status and rating in WP Admin.
  • Display ALL post types in WordPress RSS feed.
  • Specify post types to display in WP Standard RSS feeds.
  • Display images in WooCommerce product RSS feed, and set image size.
  • Banner ads to be included with all outgoing html emails if WP Better Emails is installed.
  • Use WP Better Emails with WooCommerce Email Templates.
  • Enter any text, signature or address that you want to show in the footer of the WooCommerce notification emails.
  • Remove the description, reviews or additional info tabs from single products.
  • Hide admin notices and default dashboard widgets from customers wp-admin.
  • Hide some well known metaboxes and menu(s) from wp-admin.
  • Prevent users from loading the WP login page (wp-login.php), redirect them to your custom login page.
  • Remove the “required” password strenght added to register form by WooCommerce.
  • Customize WooCommerce registration form, optionally add full name, phone and company name.
  • Add terms and conditions check box on registration form.
  • Allow WooCommerce orders with status Processing to be editable by admin.
  • Add empty cart button shopping cart page.
  • Allow random sorting of your products in shop / archive pages.
  • Use WC 2.0 Variable Price Format, eg. From $2.00.
  • Add the prices next to the variations in WooCommerce, eg. Medium ($2.00).
  • Exclude categories (products) from any product loop page or sale products shortcode.
  • Exclude categories (products) from any no loops page.
  • Exclude categories (products) from shop page.
  • Exclude categories (products) from single product page widgets.
  • Make use of the short product description in Google Product Feed.
  • Exclude products from Google Product Feed.
  • Exclude Categories from Google Product Feed.
  • Easily enable / enqueue thickbox modal scripts and styles.
  • Temporary print the names of all active CSS files in the header of visited page.
  • Temporary print the names of all active JS files in the header of visited page, useful with deferred loading.
  • Load javascripts deferred, eliminates render-blocking JS on your site and improve load time.
  • Minify CSS and jQuery, removes whitespace and comments to reduce the file size (only this plugin).


  • WooCommerce: 3.0
  • PHP 7.0 (recommended)


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